Competitive Mathematics - Level 1

This course is suitable for first and second-grade children, who love mathematical challenges. By taking the course, kids will master the concepts of mathematics while playing interactive games and solving basic arithmetic, logic, and geometry problems in a fun and engaging way. They will acquire key competitive problem-solving skills like abstract thinking, mental flexibility, and higher-level reasoning and logic.
Demo Modules
Quantitative reasoning
Counting cubes - Part 1
Counting cubes - Part 2
Identification of geometric figures
Critical thinking
Analyzing consecutive figures
Detective puzzles
Counting figures
Letter stroke matching
Letter counting
Alphabet letter matching


($6.66 / month)
($5.00 / month)
($4.17 / month)
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This course includes:

14 modules

142 activities

Proficiency score

Statistics and reports

Accessible on desktop and mobile

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